Winter Camping Symposium

October 21 — 24, 2021   Sturgeon lake, MN

Calling all volunteers! Please email Matt Raske if you're able to fill one of these roles:

1. Firestarter> When- Friday and or Saturday night just after the presentations are finished. Where- McCleod on the Lake, Outdoor skills area.  Talk to Matt Raske to get more info.

2. Bathroom Patrol> When- Whenever. Take a quick tour and report any shortages or problems.

3. Host/Guide> Friday afternoon. Where- registration area. Help our newer participants find campsites and buildings.

4. Gear Swap Cashier> When- Friday/Saturday. Collect money from entries- Need not be present full time. Just be willing to collect and hold $$. Please be at the close of the swap to help with the chaos.

5. Sunday Sweep> Help us maintain our good reputation by wandering through camp on Sunday and cleaning up.

6. Firewood Prep> We use a bunch. Check the piles, clean the pathways, split a few logs to help others along.

7. Hoppers. Skitter to the Dining hall a few minutes before meals to set up chairs and clear the lanes for traffic.

8. Sign Patrol> Wednesday/Thursday. Keep others from getting lost. Label camping areas and classrooms.

9. Party Prep> Clear out and clean up McLeod on the Lake for evening fun.

10 Beer transport> We have fantastic Duluth and Superior. We're in Sturgeon Lake. Most likely a Thursday or Friday task, but not entirely voluntary. There are perks for this journey.

11. Keg return> Somewhat sad, but necessary.