Winter Camping Symposium

October 25 — 28, 2018   Sturgeon lake, MN


Learn the folk art of stick weaving! This primitive form of weaving uses 

Sticks as large needles to pull the warp through the weft in order to create belts, 
Straps, and tumplines. Each participant will receive four needles, one roll of jute, 
And instructions to create their very own belt or strap, as well as creating needles. 
The cost for this class is $10 to cover materials. There are 10 available spaces. 
To reserve your spot, please email me at

Build a Toboggan

Chris Evavold from Black River Sleds

Hauling Toboggan Workshop(HDPE)

Time: 3+ hours (Sunday Morning 7am - Noon)

Participants: 8 maximum per session (no minimum)

No tools or experience necessary (but, any additional block planes, drills, Phillips #2 drill bits, or countersink bits would be helpful)


“In this 3+hour workshop participants will be able to construct their own hauling toboggan that will be ready for use upon completion. Participants can choose from 5’, 7’, 9’ or 11’ lengths. Construction materials will include black HDPE pre-shaped blanks, finished white ash crosspieces, stainless steel screws, and 4mm accessory cord for running line, tumpline, and lashing system.  Participants will prepare and finish the plastic blank, fasten crosspieces to blank, and string up toboggan.  The end result will be a low maintenance, durable, and rollable toboggan that will provide years of use trekking into the bush.”


5’ SnowWalker Petite - $138 ($120 w/o Lashing System)

7’ SnowWalker -  $166 ($145 w/o Lashing System)

9’ SnowWalker - $195 ($170 w/o Lashing System)

11’ SnowWalker - $225 ($195 w/o Lashing System)

Sign up prior to event by emailing or calling Chris at 715.399.2796.  You can pay with check, cash or credit card. Payment accepted at event but I need to know how many to expect.

Silversmithing to sign up!

There are 3 spots left as of 10-16!

Antler Handle Knife to sign up!

Making an Antler Handle Knife Participants will learn to assemble a small blade into an antler handle as well as stitch together a sheath that will hang around the neck and will be provided information on sources for knife blades, leather, and tools required to make knives on their own. All materials are provided by the instructor. Cost is $50.00 per person. Contact Warren prior to Symposium if interested in taking this workshop. Warren M. Peterson, cell # 715-314-0797, email:

Stove Bag/Wood Bag

In this 4 hour workshop you will build your own custom sized 1000d Cordura bag for packing your stove on the trail and containing firewood around camp. $30 fee includes materials and instruction. All students must supply their own sewing machine. 8 Student maximum. Email Jon to reserve your spot.

The Annual Snowshoe Lacing Workshop

Snowshoe lacing class will be on Friday Oct 26th and finish up Saturday morning for those wanting to get their frames dipped at camp.  
Cost $125.00 and includes choice of snowshoe kit and instruction.
Snowshoe bindings will be available to purchase separately for anyone wanting them.  You can pay when class begins.
Kit choice:
Ojibwa, Small (10 x 48) Med. (11 x 54) Large (12 x 60)
Youth Ojibwa 9 x 36
Green Mtn Bearpaw (10 x 36)
AK  Large (10 x 56) AL XL (12 x 60)
Huron (12 x 42)  
You can find a better description of the different styles on our web site: 
Class limited to 10 people
Call, Greg at Country Ways, 612-861-2262 or email with your kit selection and to reserve a space.

Make an Emergency Bucksaw Frame

Learn how to construct a bucksaw frame using only a knife, some cordage, and wood you gather.  This useful skill allows you to carry just the saw blade in a survival kit or to build a replacement if your frame breaks while you’re out in the woods. 

Materials fee of $10 includes a saw blade and cordage.  Bring a sharp, fixed-blade knife for carving (some of the vendors here at the symposium carry inexpensive yet high-quality Mora knives if you don't already have one).  Limited to 10 participants.

Contact Kelly Hargesheimer to sign up.