Winter Camping Symposium

October 21 — 24, 2021   Sturgeon lake, MN

Educate, Collaborate and Celebrate everything Winter!

The purpose of the Winter Camping Symposium is to educate, collaborate and celebrate everything Winter! Winter campers and enthusiasts from around the region come together to share ideas and show off new creations which aid in the adventures of winter outdoor activities. From cold camping to hot camping, from kite sailing to building your own stove, from arctic adventures to sleeping in a quinzee in the backyard, from gear swaps to a chili feed, this event covers it all! Join us for a long weekend of camaraderie and exploration!

Greg Wilcox
Country Ways
Donnie Phyillaier
Kelly Hargesheimer
WCS Board Member
Kevin Kinney
Empire Wool and Canvas Company
Garrett Conover
Earl Swenson
Michael Hedke
Scott Oeth
Head Guide and Instructor
Bull Moose Patrol
Sam Larson
Writer, Speaker, Wilderness Instructor
Ryan Fox
WCS Board Member
Matt Raske
WCS Board Member
Dan Cooke
Co owner of Cooke Custom Sewing
Warren Peterson
Jeffy Geer
Common Folk Self Reliance
James Bishop
Dick Pula
Nick Gordon
Owner/Lead Instructor
NOW Outdoors LLC
Luke Soderling
Deb Johnson
Painter Creek Soap Company LLC
Brian Gustad
Sagewood Gear
Roger Pilsner
Primitive Spirit LLC
Duane Lottig
SnowTrekker Tents
Sydney Tanner and Jim Nosker
Azen Lodge Outfitters
Rhonda Reynolds
WCS Board Member
Joe and Lori Stromski
Jonathan Maruska
Peta Barrett
Women's Wilderness Discovery
Jason Gustafson
Lester River Bushcraft
Brian AKA "The Iron Chef" Dallmann
Ben Piersma
Ben's Backwoods
Kelly Harlton
Karamat Wilderness Way
Brian Rice
Owner-Chief Instructor
Three Ravens Bushcraft
Irene Henderson
John Van Barriger
The Outdoor Kind, LLC
Bill Sherck
Minnesota Bound
Kevin Callan
The Happy Camper
Charles Rose
Jonathan McArthur
Karamat Wilderness Ways
Chris Randall
Karla "with a K" Iseler
Chris Evavold
Black River Sleds
Dave Wenger
Wenger Blades
Charlie Farrow
Jeff Hasse
Don Kevilus
Four Dog Stoves
Mitchell Main Lodge, McLeod by the Lake, Mitchell basement, Hanson, Registration Booth in front of Mitchell, Outdoor Pavilion behind Mitchell, Outdoor Skills Area , McLeod in the woods, Rec Field
Winter Camping Symposium
89382 East Frontage Road, Sturgeon Lake, MN 55783
We have made our home at Camp Miller.  It is a beautiful setting on Stugeon Lake which provides lots of camping options as well as cabin stays.  Great classrooms and a perfect atmosphere for learning!

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Winter Camping Symposium
Sturgeon Lake, MN 55783
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