Winter Camping Symposium

October 24 — 27, 2019   Sturgeon lake, MN
We will add to this schedule as presenters send us their class info.  We have been known to add classes two or three days before the event!  Typically, the majority of classes will get on the schedule in early October. We will have printed schedules at the registration booth and at each classroom.
October 24
October 25
October 26
  • 9:00 AM

    5:00 PM
    Essential Bush Skills

    Ben and Jason will be teaching Fire Making techniques such as bow drill, flint and steel, ferro rods, feather sticks and any other methods they can come up with. They will also give instruction on fire tools, knives, saw and axe use.

    • Jason Gustafson, Owner, Lester River Bushcraft
    • Ben Piersma, Owner, Ben's Backwoods
    • Outdoor Skills Area
  • 7:30 PM

    8:30 PM
    Bushcraft Sojourn 365

    Rekindling of relationships that were forged by Mors Kochanski. Three act presentation of my last year traveling to Sweden, England and throughout Alberta teaching and learning. Will include pictures and some articles that have become symbolic of my soul journey.

    • Jonathan McArthur, Karamat Wilderness Ways
    • Mitchell Main Lodge